Open The Circle
Open The Circle
Building a tolerant future through a shared understanding of the past

About Us


Open the Circle is an initiative of the Obermayer Foundation. Since 1999 the Obermayer Foundation has been presenting Obermayer German Jewish History Awards to people who have worked creatively and selflessly to preserve, raise awareness of, or breathe new life into the once-vibrant Jewish culture in their communities. Award recipients have included teachers and engineers, publishers and judges, artists and bankers, lawyers and business executives, and they come from every corner of the country. They have built bridges in their own communities and around the world, forging meaningful relationships with former residents and their descendants while also making it possible to teach the lessons of history to new generations.

Open the Circle

Now we are working to “open the circle,” expanding our work from its origins in Germany. We seek to more broadly promote understanding and healing, particularly among individuals and societal groups that have had a historical conflict with each other. This new initiative aims to heal wounds by fostering relationships and creating understanding between individuals and groups that have historically been perpetrators and targets of conflict, oppression, and discrimination. At the same time, we seek lessons from the past relevant to the fight against current prejudice and racism.